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Welcome To PEOPLE TREE CHITS Pvt. Ltd.

Worried about the near future, or long term investments?

Don’t worry. You can now join hands with us, while we guide you to a healthy financial growth with our remarkable savings policies.

Welcome to People Tree chits, where we plant your investments in the right places, to ensure you smart savings solutions. We provide complete financial security to your hard earned income and help you grow multifold.

With People Tree Chits, we grow together.

At People Tree Chits, we care.


People Tree Chits Fund.The Chits system is an ideal way to make your money work to your advantage, giving you far better returns in the future. People Tree Chits Fund company presents you an opportunity to invest intelligently.


Monthly Chit Schemes

Our solutions are driven by your needs and conveniences. With Monthly Chit schemes, you can follow the intervals regularly on monthly basis at your preferred time. We shall serve you, so that you receive the best amongst the rest.


“People Tree Chits helped me achieve my dreams. My Savings has surpassed my income. It was something I never expected to happen” – Roshni, Chennai

“Very good customer service by the company. Good plans are given, with great software and updating technology. Raja Enterprises has done a good job with the launch of this Service. Wish you all great prosperity!” – Joseph, Belgaum

“Thanks to People tree chits, I can now live my retirement comfortably. My children are now settled in UK and Delhi. I am living peacefully with my wife now with no financial worries.” – Col. Muthuswamy, Madikeri